New Longterm Play

A special treat for those paying attention on a Friday afternoon, I’ll let you in on a little secret stock I’ve been buying in my longterm account for the past few weeks $WLKR since the .20s since its finally being discovered a bit today, several of the original team of Priceline is starting up a new travel company and WLKR owns 16% of it, read more at no idea when the new travel company launches so that’s why I haven’t bought/alerted short-term and its VERY illiquid but good for you know about it and be prepared when the new travel company does launch, watch it closely as I have been, I wish they’d hire $MGT PR director LOL…this is a longterm play though, so I’m not chasing this runup anymore, just put it on your watchlist

Bought CLF

Bought 2k CLF 4.31 this contract winner from yesterday its rebounded nicely and now testing yesterday’s highs, it could be a takeout but if it doesn’t breakout today, it’ll probably go sometime later this week given its multi-month uptrending chart, goal is to make 20-40 cents/share

Dip Bought TISA

Dear Penny Stock Conspiracy Subscriber,

Dip bought 3,000 TISA at 1.86 as this earnings winner got up to the mid 2s yesterday and today, but is now consolidating, so the risk is I lose 10-15 cents/share, but the upside is 60-80 cents/share, I like my odds given the earnings winner pattern

Bought YOD

Bought $YOD at 1.81 – I dip bought this recent earnings winner right near support at $1.79-1.80ish, it hit 2.25 after earnings on which they announced big revenue growth and enough cash to last for years, but more importantly management teased new businesses and partners that will be announced shortly so it’s a waiting game and my goal is to sell into the spike ideally into the $2s created by that “breaking news”, it pays to do research ahead of time and not follow lemmings like most others do.

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