Bought INUV

Dip buying this runner just off its day highs, should retest if not breakout past those highs in the 3.40s heading into the market close today or ideally next week on a morning spike…that’s my goal, tons of support in the low 3s so roughly 15 cents/share of risk, 50 cents/share of upside, I like the chart/trend


Bought on the late day breakout of this other billionaire play, Paulson bought 12% of the company it spiked to the 2s, but since its an energy play it doesnt get the respect VLTC/PTBI got, goal is to sell for 15-30 cents/share, don’t get too aggressive, not sure if it’ll fly or not, but I like the trend


Buy NTN .50 on the multi-month breakout as this tablet maker has a big deal with Buffalo Wild Wings (entertainment AND ordering via tablets now at many locations) & just needs one more restaurant chain win to really spikeā€¦the chart breakout bodes well for further gains

Bought MEET 1.70

Bought on news this morning of strong mobile user growth and now a new day high on the stock thanks to this Seeking Alpha article this is a sketchy company, but their mobile chat product could get highlighted nicely and spike the stock 30-50%, maybe even more so it’s goo to dip buy this here at 1.70

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