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I am looking to profit 50 cents per share to $1 per share on each of my trades, usually never taking more than 1-2 positions at a time, each position being at most 30% of my portfolio, but most of the time representing just 5-10% of my portfolio...the rest stays in cash, always on the lookout for more hot stocks to both buy (if the stock is breaking out to new highs, ideally on positive news, not fluff) and to short sell (or bet against, if the stock is up too much on what I believe is hype and manipulation)

If there are any great trades I partake in, I will alert you within seconds of my actual trade executions with my mental stop losses and goals.

The goal of penny stock conspiracy is to eventually make you self-sufficient in time by allowing you to learn from how I research and stalk stocks and from my trades, both from what I do right and wrong, in real-time.

Basically, this service is all based around what I wish existed anytime during the first 10 years of my trading career before I became confident in my own experience and strategy...and yes, even after 14 years of trading, I am still learning lessons and consistently refining my strategy.

Here’s a good intro to all my educational offerings:

Week 1:

Choose a broker and get familiar with them. Brokers I recommend for my strategy of both buying & short selling penny stocks:  Go to the Special Broker link in the members area and open up your brokerage account.

Familiarize yourself with my strategy:

I buy stocks roughly 30% of the time, but I prefer short selling because most penny stocks are scams and/or will fail so the odds favor betting against them anytime the stocks spike.

Want to trade like me? Some good places to start:

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Check out all my videos on Youtube, Tons of good and crazy stuff! Even some great educational videos.

Follow me on twitter. You will learn a ton

Visit these websites to find other resources and profitable traders:

Why it’s good to bet against penny stock promoters:

How to predict 50% drops, 3 successful short sell calls:

How to buy earnings breakouts:

Why you cannot trust people on message boards:

What it was like buying stocks during the tech bubble:

Learn basic terms: (Feel free to skip these definitions, but they are very helpful if you are new)

I didn’t make up the terms. These definitions and terms are from

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